Court-Ordered Service

We accept some court-ordered service. Before anyone can do their court-ordered service they need to be approved. To be approved you need to submit your court paperwork via email to: and we will respond letting you know if you have been approved, approved with additional restrictions, or denied. The paperwork must have the case#, violation/charge, defendant’s name, court name, and court address. Without prior approval, hours will not be verified so you must get approval first.

This information applies to all court-ordered, parole, probation, halfway house, diversion program, and/or any required service that is required by any program or government agency dealing with any violation of any code or law regardless of conviction or any other conditions.

Information for once you are approved

You are required to keep track of your own hours. We will not keep track of your hours for you and the computer that you clock in and out on is not a time clock but a means to verify what you turn in. Record your hours every time you come in either on your log sheet or by some other means. Any hours not clocked in and out will not be verified and any paperwork not completed in its entirety including an email address and all hours worked will not be verified.

Court-ordered service is completed at our warehouse, located at 2205 S. Artesia St., San Bernardino, CA 92408 – map. This is at the east end of Caroline St. in the warehouse with the yellow gate. You will need to complete your hours at least a week before you require verification to allow for the time required for us to do our verification process.

Keep in mind that when you are doing community service as a requirement for court or another agency we hold you to a higher standard of compliance and expect you to comply with all rules/laws both stated and implied or as are commonly held in professional service. There is a zero-tolerance policy for noncompliance with any rule/law/expectation and you are not to think that you can do something that another volunteer here does since you are being held to a higher standard and expectation.

The warehouse is open from 7-3 every day of the year (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day) and you can come and do your service anytime between those hours. When you get here, just come in the front door, sign in at the computer in the front office, and then go back into the warehouse, where you will be assigned tasks. When you are done sign out the same way that you signed in. You also have to sign out and back in if you take a lunch.

You will need to keep track of your own hours, log-in and log-out using the computer in our office, and when you have completed your hours, you need to fill out your paperwork completely including your email on the paperwork and place the paperwork into the drop box next to the check-in computer marked for that purpose. Your hours will be verified and the paperwork signed and emailed to you within 72 hours. If you wish to get the hard copy/original the instructions for getting it mailed to you or you’re picking it up will be in the email. Most courts require either original paperwork or a letter so you need to have all of your paperwork turned into the lockbox at least 7 days before you need the verification completed.

If you have any questions please contact us

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