Student Service Hours

Helping Hands Pantry welcomes community service hours. Unless you have a lot of hours or are looking to commit to more hours than you are required to serve, your hours will need to be completed at either the warehouse of the gardens.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** You will need to complete your hours at least 72 hours before you need the proof/verification of your hours. If you need the original/hard copy we suggest completing your hours at least 7 days before you need the completed paperwork returned.

For the Warehouse

You will need to keep track of your own hours, log-in and log-out using the computer in our office, and when you have completed your hours, you need to fill out your paperwork completely including your email on the paperwork and place the paperwork into the drop box next to the check-in computer marked for that purpose. Your hours will be verified and the paperwork signed and emailed to you within 72 hours. If you wish to get the hard copy/original the instructions for getting it mailed to you or you’re picking it up will be in the email.

The warehouse is open 365 days a year between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm, but on major holidays we do try to get out by noon.

You do not need to apply or schedule your time; just come in and help for whatever time you have available. The address is 2205 S. Artesia St., San Bernardino, CA 92408. This is at the east end of Caroline in the warehouse with the yellow gate.

When you get here, just clock in on the computer in the front office and then go back into the warehouse where you will be put to work. When you are done, clock out the same way that you clocked in. When you have completed your hours, fill out the form from your organization with your information and put your completed form into the dropbox by the computer labeled for community service paperwork (make sure your email is on the form)

The work you will be doing at this location is primarily sorting and packing food and other items for those in need and some cleanup. If no one is immediately available to give you direction, please feel free to join in with any of the work that is being done either in the warehouse or in the area outside/behind the warehouse.

For the Gardens

Community service at the gardens must be done on Sunday mornings when the Garden Manager Arlene is there. She can sign off on hours for the hours done with her on Sunday mornings only.

You will not be dealing directly with clients. If you wish to work directly with clients, a background check and a long term weekly commitment is required.

You should wear comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and closed toe shoes.

We thank you for your help, and remember that for every hour you volunteer with Helping Hands, there are 11 people in the community that are getting the resources they need for that week.

Click here for Volunteer Terms and Conditions

Court Ordered Service

If you are doing court-ordered community service go to: to see if your service qualifies and for more information.