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Paws 2 Feed for your dogPaws to Feed LogoHelping Hands Pantry has partnered with Paws to Feed to help feed the pets of our clients, by serving as a pet food bank or food pantry. Often, our clients have to choose between food for themselves and pet food to feed cherished members of their family. They may even feel they must make the choice to give their beloved family pets away.

“The idea to start such a foundation came after witnessing a gruesome scene of a frightened, small dog being chased into a busy street of cars. The abandoned dog was then hit by the oncoming traffic and killed. This foundation wants to prevent situations like that from occurring. Paws to Feed wants to prevent situations like that from occurring by helping clients keep their pets at home. To make such an idea possible, Paws to Feed has partnered with Helping Hands Pantry to help care for the pets of people in need.”

                                                                                         Lynae Bakland, Founder of Paws to Feed

“When people lose their jobs—and their homes—things like food and vet care for their animals start to look less like priorities,” according to WBEZ in Chicago. Linda Estrada, of the Animal Welfare League in suburban Chicago Ridge, says, “The bills keep on getting higher and higher and higher, and they can’t afford to keep [the pets],’ she says. “So we get a lot of elderly cats coming into the system, and a lot of elderly dogs and a lot of very tearful owners that reluctantly have to give them up.” And although official numbers are hard to come by, it’s clear that the recession has produced hordes of abandoned and relinquished pets.

Paws to Feed Steps In

Out of the thousands of people Helping Hands Pantry helps each week, there are many needy pets as well. One of the main and simplest needs of our community’s pets is pet food. With Paws to Feed, Helping Hands Pantry clients can use their limited cash for other necessities than pet food and keeps them from having to make the difficult decision of whether or not to keep their pets. The families get to keep the pets, and more importantly the pets get to keep the families. Very few food distribution organizations also serve as pet food pantries, but Helping Hands Pantry cares.

We hope to feed and have resources for pets of all kinds, including dogs of all sizes, cats, rabbits, birds, and any others. Paws to Feed cares for any pet that needs help or simply a bowl of food. Our ultimate goal would be not only to offer pet food and other pet supplies but to establish a veterinary care fund for the pets who need it the most, whether it be routine vaccines and boosters, or spay and neuters to prevent the overpopulation of animals, or any emergencies that may arise that needs funding. Your donations of pet food, supplies, and money can help us realize this goal.

If you need help with pet food, please visit our Need Help? page. If you would like to donate food and supplies for our pet food bank, we have several locations that can receive your donations. For other questions contact:

Lynae Bakland
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