Oasis (Food in a Desert)

Fresh produce - Oasis (Food in a Desert)Starting in 2016

A food desert is an area where healthy choices for food purchases do not exist. If you live in one of these areas and have limited transportation, you often wind up feeding yourself and your child what is available, which is usually junk food. These are usually the poorest neighborhoods. They need a food oasis.

Oasis brings food to food deserts

Helping Hands Pantry has entered into agreements with farmers and wholesalers who will sell us high-quality produce. Their prices are low enough that we can make it available to the people living in these food deserts for a price comparable to what they could get it from a major chain, if one was in their neighborhood.

We also plan to make this available to CalFresh recipients. The final details as to distribution will develop as we implement the program, since we do not have any models on which to base this program. Classes in healthy cooking and eating habits will also be offered.